Ali Servulia

Introducing Ali Servulia, a DJ whose passion for music transcends borders and takes listeners on a journey. From the depths of the cold Russian forests to the burning city jungle of Phnom Penh, Ali has carried her love for music throughout her life.


With a rich music background and the guidance of local techno DJ Kaza, Ali discovered her talent for DJing. Together, they unleashed their unique style and infectious energy on the dance floors of Phnom Penh's underground venues.

Ali's DJing style knows no boundaries. She refuses to be confined to a single genre and always seeks out unique tracks with soul. Each DJ set becomes a story, taking everyone on a real journey.

Currently, Ali serves as a resident DJ at Rosewood hotel and an ambassador DJ at Cubik (Phnom Penh Underground). Her sets are a rollercoaster of emotions, fearlessly experimenting with a diverse range of genres. From house and techno to UK garage, breakbeats, indie dance, acid, hypnotic, and trance, Ali blends them all seamlessly.

Experience the electrifying energy and captivating sounds of Ali Servulia. She fearlessly pushes the boundaries of music, creating an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. Join her on this musical adventure and let the beats guide you to new realms.

Book Ali Servulia for your next event and witness the magic of her unique DJing style. Prepare to be transported, inspired, and moved as she weaves together a tapestry of sound that transcends genres and touches the soul. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with DJ Ali Servulia.


House, Deep House, Tech House, Indie Dance, Techno, Trance